Lead generation with Fuzzy lookup for sheets

published on 15 August 2021


Lead generation activities such as analyzing incoming marketing leads verses the accounts in CRM can easily be achieved through use of VLOOKUP. However complexities arise when we do not have a primary key for matching data hence we have to resort to similarity text matching using fuzzy algorithms. Fuzzy lookup for sheets does this very well and achieve high accuracy level.

Fuzzy lookup for sheets add-on

Over time we have developed a state of art fuzzy matching algorith which is not only fast but it is also able to perform different needs.

Some of the features that come packaged as part of fuzzy lookup for sheets are described peope


When performing text similarity matches suffices such Inc. LLC Corp. dont have much value hence we can automatically ignore before applying our match.

Diacratical marks

Special characters like “&” and “AND”, “AT” and “@” are practically the same.

Fuzzy lookup for sheets has been designed to ignore these as well as other special characters like commas, periods, etc.

Since company names can come in other languages you should expect to encounter accented characters like “é”, “ê”, “ç”, “ñ” and “à”. With LeadAngel’s system,

items like these are controlled in such a way to produce desired results.


Not all big companies or businesses were previously known as they are called now. For example Quantum Computer Services is now called AOL, Auction Web is now called eBay,

and the Marafuku Company is now called Nintendo. LeadAngel’s algorithm will be able to recognize popular names and previous names companies went by.


Over the course of its operations, a business may put up new websites and abandon old ones several times. It may even set up a domain to help direct customers to the right website.

A record with a missing company name but valid business domain presents no problem to Fuzzy lookup for sheets

Fuzzy lookup for sheets is designed to be flexible to fit your needs. You can turn on or off some of the rule to adjust the match confidence level. Stricter rules means fewer results,

but these results will be more closely matched to what you are looking for; relaxed rules means there will be more results to choose from, but only loosely matched to your criteria.

Also, if there are certain companies that always go together for your business (due to existing relationships), or never go together, these can be defined in custom “Always Match” or “Never Match” rules.

How fast does Fuzzy lookup for sheets algorithm and architecture work? It is designed to match more than 7 million records per hour. This will come in very handy when running a segment based on a company name match.

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