Fuzzy Lookup for Sheets (Add-on)

published on 03 June 2021

Fuzzy lookup & find matches for Google sheets

Fuzzy Lookup for Sheets is a Smart Add-on that will support you to correct all types of data you have in your Google spreadsheet.

 Fuzzy Lookup online utilizes excellent mathematics to calculate the possibility that what it finds matches up with your search record, which indicates the tool works still when characters (numbers, letters, punctuation) do not match up Exactly. Think of it as a more advanced version of Advanced Find & Replace that is further flexible and even more comfortable to use. It allows you to merge, highlight, compare and deduplicates your data in Google Sheets.

If you work with data in spreadsheets, you understand what a combination it can be. It helps users clean up data that they have sent from another Computer System or reports obtained from another office or group.

Features of Fuzzy Lookup:

  •  For each input row, the Maximum number of matches to output through the lookup option will check the potential Matches to the number in the set. The Fuzzy Lookup will ever choose the top matches arranged by similarity, highest to lowest.
  • The Similarity inception option defines whether you want to check the matches to only values over a defined likeness (or similarity). If you arrange this to 0, You always get the same number of lookup rows per data row set in the Maximum number of matches to output per Vlookup in the setting.
  • Because Fuzzy Lookup online, some custom features allow the Lookup to discover when to identify a separation in characters like one word. 
  • Fuzzy find match option calculates the rate of similarity between two columns. It can further calculate the percentage similarity within concatenated sequences.

 When you apply VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, or INDEX/MATCH, spreadsheets are expected an exact match and cleaning data. But in actual life, data is messy. Now you can do it all with our free Fuzzy Lookup add-in. 

Why use the fuzzy Lookup for sheets?

Clear all contents in Google Sheets by type:

Delete any combination of data figures from the elected range: formatting, figures, dates, Booleans, records, notes, or hyperlinks. Delete completely blank or unused rows and columns.

Assume users did not enter the data correctly:

Users make multiple mistakes while entering the data into spreadsheets. But they think all data is ok because the find and replace tool did not search it. When using fuzzy Lookup examines the data and finds many spell mistakes and other wrong entries in the data? You will compare and correct it.

Data differences over time, at various times:

If you are looking at two datasets of people, You are finding a person in both sets. What if a Person’s data becomes updated in one sheet, but not in the different? A specific match would not find a match. A fuzzy lookup will locate it. That means you find a difference at the same time from various sheets, and you will correct them with our tool.

3 Days Free Trial:

Completely functional 3-days Trial periods with all payments are protected and include a full money-back guarantee.

With this tool, you can find & replace duplicates, compare and Vlookup sheets, import differs from multiple sheets, merge cells, find and replace data, Sum, count colored cells, generate characters, and another record. Let you change sensitive match cases, add and separate lines and characters, clean whitespaces, and it helps you to split the text into columns.

Our add-on keeps the records of the up-to-date operations at hand so you could instantly re-apply actions to a various range. You can also pick the most many features to have access to them at each time. Or save the whole set of options to detect duplicates or merge two tables in a click.

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